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The Warfare of Trauma

By Janielle C. Crocker 

This book is written from a victor's perspective. Add it to your library as a resource for spiritual and emotional wellness. You won't be disappointed!


About the Book

The Warfare of Trauma is an up close and personal book that invites the wounded to fight for their emotional healing. It highlights lived experiences and practical strategies for recovering from trauma. This self-help book offers readers an opportunity for self-reflection and is filled with power tools to live beyond hurt and the past. The Warfare of Trauma encourages the wounded to engage their entire being in the "fight" for emotional healing and health. Having experienced deliverance and inner healing, Janielle offers a compelling perspective on the value of salvation in trauma recovery; salvation is a key that can unlock emotional & spiritual wellbeing. The Warfare of Trauma is sure to inspire and enlighten!

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Book Courses & Events

Warrior Woman

Warrior Deluxe

The Wound Retreat

The War Bond Experience

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The Warfare of Trauma: Services

Warrior Woman

The Course...

An intensive course adapted from my book

The Warfare of Trauma

Join the experience for $99

This power-packed course is loaded with tools to help you fight trauma-induced warfare! Join Jan in an interactive and safe space to learn and heal! Gain strategies to overcome the damaging impacts of trauma from a Christ-inspired perspective. Inquire about course dates by emailing:


Warrior Woman Course Overview

Your investment

*Eight live sessions

*The Book 

*Strategy worksheets

*Wound recovery maps

*Guest Speakers

*Q&A sessions

*Supportive Community

*Complimentary 1:1 coaching session

*Bonus videos & More!!!

The Warfare of Trauma: Projects
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