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Meet the Owner

Janielle C. Crocker

Janielle is the owner and principal servant of Passionate Projections. She is a native of Rochester, NY, a leader in her community, and a distinguished personality. She holds a Master's Degree in Organizational Leadership with a foundation in Human Services. She has over a decade of experience in program design & development, leadership & management, and workshop facilitation.
Jan is a strategist, author, pastor-teach, and life coach. She enjoys meeting people where they are and helping them advance to the next level. She is known for her genuine spirit and ability to produce results. Janielle leverages her professional experiences, creativity, and her spiritual gifts to serve her clients tailored to their needs. She is a loving and devoted wife and mother of three. In her free time, she enjoys working out, spending time with family, and reading.

About: About Me

The mission of Passionate Projections is to facilitate personal and professional growth through inspired products and services. 

Why Passionate Projections? 

PP is not your average business, PP is not your typical service provider, and PP fits the mode of no other business.

I co-facilitate processes that lead to results! 

Every experience is tailored to the needs of my clients and promises to be high quality and professional.

Come experience "services and solutions that heal" through any of the options available.   

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